Backpack Bags - Why Do I Need One?

A backpack bag is a highly convenient way to carry everything you take with you on a hike. It centralizes all of your necessities in one place when you trek from the trailhead to your destination. You need this organization because there is nothing worse than frantically looking for something you need in a hurry. Carrying a plastic bag with a water bottle and a sandwich won't cut because you need to carry more than just immediate items. Some items aren't used every time you hike but they are things you should bring anyway. Why not hike with confidence that you are ready for anything, simply because it's more fun that way.

Your Backpack Bag Should Always Contain First Aid Items

I never plan on a blister or getting cut from a tree branch, but it happens. Hikers underestimate the power of the sun on the trail. Not all trails have adequate shade so you need to be protected by carrying sunscreen. There are bugs within nature; some places have more than others. If you carry repellent, you can insure less insect bites for a more comfortable experience. What if you forget to bring bandaids? Having several layers of duck tape wrapped around a pencil will do the trick. Duck tape solves many different situations in hiking and should always be carried.


Who Wants To Carry A Heavy Load During A Hike?

Do I really have to bring everything but the kitchen sink for a day of hiking? The answer is no. Day hikes require basic staple items packed in a day hiking bag. Most importantly you will need, food, water, sunscreen, bug repellant, a few first aid supplies and a jacket or sweatshirt. Loaded with your necessities for one day, your daypack should not weigh more than 10% of your body weight because you need balance and comfort.  If you are 180 lbs, 18 lbs would be maximum weight to carry.  That is more than what you would place in a shopping bag, but not so much that you were burdened with a 40 lbs load.

Backpack Bags - Other Necessities For A Day Hike

Bring a spare pair of socks and either a warmer or cooler pair of pants/shorts than you will be wearing for being comfortable in climate changes throughout the day. It's a wise idea to pack these items in a sealed waterproof bag to stay dry in case of rain.  Bring a map, compass and phone because sometimes we all take a wrong turn and get confused on the trail. Don't bring just your phone because cell service could be spotty in hiking areas.

Sunglasses, a bandana, a multi-purpose tool, matches and snacks top the list of extra essentials for hiking. If you will be in a remote area with no public bathrooms, you should carry a roll of toilet paper, a trowel for digging and burying waste, and a ziploc bag for disposal of used Tpaper. Never just leave it on the ground. It could attract wild animals that aren't friendly.

Backpack Bags -   What About.... Keeping It Simple

Packing your backpack bag should be tailored to the time you will be hiking, weather there, and terrain. The distance you will be from help, such as a ranger station or civilization should also be a factor.  You may wonder, should I bring this or that, but keeping your packed items to a category of "necessary" things may differ from hiker to hiker. Just remember you will be carrying the weight, so keeping it to basics will make for a better hiking trip.

Longer Hiking Trips Mean More Carry Items

Obviously for a weekend or several day trek, your list of items to carry will be considerably more comprehensive due to conditions and exposure to wilderness. Camping overnight will require tent, sleeping bag and extra clothing, so naturally your hiking pack will need to be larger and the overall weight will be considerably more. For camping or overnight hikes, your load should not be more than 20% of your body weight. A sore back would not make for a pleasant nature outing.

Backpack Bags - We're Here To Help

We realize that hikers that are new to the experience may be confusion about packing.  What is necessary to pack and how much extra can or should I bring? These are common concerns. We are here to answer any and all questions you may have about hiking or our backpack products. Please feel free to reach out to us here at

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