Backpacking Backpacks – 2 Critical Things That Age You

Backpacking backpacks used on a great hike in nature has benefits beyond what you may think.  Nobody likes the thought of their body aging, but hiking can become a challenge for folks over 50. Depending on where you hike, you’ll see all ages of people realizing some impressive goals on the trail.  Do you know what will age you faster?  Here are two things that are significant factors that are necessary to prolong body aging.

Hikers Maintain Strength In Their Bodies

Chances are, if you were active in your younger years, you will remain so as you age. Unless you injure yourself or you’re battling serious health problems, there is no reason to purposely settle into a sedentary lifestyle.  The single most crucial habit to keep as we grow older is to maintain our balance and core strength. Don’t you want to enjoy life as you age with less restriction of the activities you love, like nature hiking.

Backpacking backpack trips are an excellent way to improve muscle strength and promote healthy hearts and lungs. Simple day hikes 2-3 times per week will benefit your body and give it the motion it needs to allow you to be active.  The honest truth is, if you don’t “use it”, you’ll “lose it.”  A hiking pack with some food, water and essentials for the day will provide some strength training as you walk.

Hiking is merely walking with a backpack. Literally anyone who can walk can hike. The important thing is allowing your bones and joints to stay limber and spry on a regular basis. Anyone over 40 is vulnerable to joints and energy levels being compromised by being a couch potato.  

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Backpackers Will Improve Brain Function By Hiking Often

Backpacking Backpacks are packed and ready to hit the trail. Other than some great walking on different terrain and elevation levels, every time your feet hit the ground, pressure waves through your arteries significantly modify and can increase blood supply to the brain.  This important study can be found HERE.

Yes, the cardio exercise you’ll get from backpack hiking is significant for physical well-being. But your brain benefits from improved mental health while in the great outdoors can boost your mood, reduce stress and calm anxiety.  This is due to the sights and sounds of nature that improves sensory perception causing increased endorphin levels, which are your “feel good” body chemicals.

Backpacking backpack hikes help with depression.  Being alone and focusing on negative thoughts and behaviors leads to anxiety and the blues.  Hiking with Mother Nature improves destructive thoughts and redirects the brain away from negativity and self focus. Even those who don’t have serious depression issues can benefit toward a positive mood with a one hour hike a few days per week.

Something as simple as breathing fresh air on a hike helps regulate your serotonin levels (a neurotransmitter) and promotes positive feelings and well-being.  Even the dirt you’d walk on while trail hiking contains a natural antidepressant. 

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Trekking With A Backpack Keeps You Mobile

Nature Trail Backpacks endorses hiking for adults and children of all ages.  You may tend to resist what is good for you like a plate of broccoli, but hiking is not a “bitter pill to swallow.”  Our readers comprise backpack hikers from 2-80.  We can all learn from each other. If you are a senior hiker over 55, please share a comment below with your advice to help others realize they can hike also, regardless of their age. Happy hiking to all of you!

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