Day Hiking Backpack - What’s In It For Me?

A day hiking backpack can be filled with your favorite things plus essentials for an incredible outdoor adventure.  Have you wanted to get closer to nature but you weren’t quite sure how to plan it?  Experienced hikers already know the benefits of backpack hiking.  If you're new to hikes, here’s what could be in it for your pure enjoyment of the great outdoors.

Basics Of Planning The Best Nature Hike

Like any other day trip you first need to decide where you want to go, how far you’ll travel and the length of your stay on the hike.  Assuming you’re interested in a day hike, search your locale for trails and hiking attractions close to home.  You can expand that search to include places 2-3 hours away, but you’ll need to consider what time it gets dark and plan to be back to your car by then. 

If you decide to do an overnight, it’s best to find your camping spot for the night while you still have daylight, because darkness makes scouting spots harder.  During your search, check for trail news once you decide your location. Sometimes weather changes things on hiking trails and you’ll want to be up-to-date before you head out.

What Makes A Day Hike Good Or Bad?      

Your day hiking backpack is a means to carry the essentials you’ll need for your outing. You’ll enjoy the hike much more if you are equipped with proper nourishment and hydration.  If you’re not sure what exactly to bring on a day hike, HERE: is where you can get that information.

You won’t enjoy your hike if you get bad sunburn or numerous insect bites since pain is not pleasurable.  If you’re too hot or cold for the current weather, it will be difficult to focus on the beauty around you. Packing and using items to make yourself comfortable will go a long way in making your hiking experience a positive one. Getting lost will discourage you from ever wanting to hike again, so be sure to have a map and compass with you always. A cell phone alone is not advisable because power could be spotty where you are.

The Benefits Of Spending Time In Nature

What will you really get out of a day in the woods or mountains?  That question may be better answered by awareness of what you won’t get.   Consider this; you won’t have exposure to heavy traffic with irate drivers on the road.  You won’t be breathing smog or hearing city noises. Your environment will be calming and nurturing instead of chaotic and demanding. Your senses will be heightened, not diminished with the sights and sounds around you.  There are no pressures to be at a certain place at a certain time. The calming effects of a hike will leave you in a better place mentally, which is really a health benefit for blood pressure.  The exercise, which doesn’t even seem strenuous (unless you want it to be) on your day hike has good cardio benefits. See what hiking can do for you HERE.

Summing up Backpack Hiking In A Nutshell

The day hiking backpack trip will indeed give you physical and mental health benefits for sure.  But what about just plain good fun?  When was the last time you truly enjoyed being outdoors?  When you let the inner kid in you surface, the possibilities are endless.  When you make it a journey, the goal is not the destination, it’s the path along the way and how much you’ll discover about nature and yourself. Nature Trail Backpacks wish you all happy hiking!

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