Day Hiking Backpack; Who’s Doing That?

A day hiking backpack trip can help shake your winter blues. The entire family, from toddlers to grandparents, are taking up snowshoe hiking and having a blast. But what really motivates or inspires folks to brave the winter cold and snow? Winter school and college breaks can mean boredom. Do you tend to hibernate like a bear when the temperatures drop? Find out who is drawn to winter hiking and why in the world people actually enjoy wearing snowshoes on a cold weather hike.

Hiking Day Jaunts Make Perfect Sense

Walking on snowshoes has been popular for centuries. Many ski resorts and mountain lodges rent snowshoes. Isn't that a great idea so that you don't have to spend money on equipment you may not use frequently? Most places will even give you lessons on usage for hikers of all ages. This gives you confidence that you'll be able to navigate deep snow on your hiking adventure.

A day hike works because some folks aren't keen about camping overnight in below freezing temperatures. If you hike during the day, you can curl up by the fire in a rustic cabin overnight. This scenario will be inviting to folks of all ages who might otherwise be skeptical about hiking if they've never tried it before.

How Young Can Day Hikers Navigate Snowshoes?

Your day hiking backpack adventure can be fun with all family members. Young children especially enjoy anything new and exciting if their older siblings or parents come along. Your toddler will actually enjoy getting the feel for gliding along snow in their "extended feet." It will give them better balance and confidence instead of a sinking feeling in deeper snow. Here are some great tips for winter hiking with snowshoes when you bring kids along. Tips for Snowshoeing With Kids

Backpacking Hiker Gear Choices Are Relevant

The day hiking backpack you choose to carry your essentials should be able to endure extreme temperatures, snow and lying on icy trails. Here is a great selection of durable quality hiking backpacks for all seasons that will stand up to weather conditions. You should look for flexible fabrics that won't crack and freeze , which will put stress on seams and zippers. Lightweight hiking packs are definitely the way to go on a half or one day hiking trek. If you choose a color that can readily be seen in snow, you won't lose it while you're resting and it makes it more visible under certain weather conditions. Always bring extra dry socks and gloves to change out of wet ones.

What Do I Gain From A Winter Backpack Hike?

You may wonder what all the hype is about and why winter hiking is so popular. We all know what cabin fever feels like, right? Your body craves exposure to the sun and the outdoor air, especially in winter. You may feel more sluggish from some extra cookies over the holidays. Backpack hiking provides a means to still enjoy a hike in spite of the drop in temperatures and the snowy ground cover. The secret to enjoying a pleasant day hike is in how you dress for the weather. Find out the best way to protect yourself and kids while you get the sun on your face and blaze your own trails. Find out how to dress for winter hiking by clicking THIS.

Backpack Hiking; Everyone Learns From Exploring

While day hiking backpack trips are lots of fun, you can't deny that the winter fresh air is good for you. You may have a misconception that outdoor winter play may cause colds or flu, clearly it is not so. However, being outside unprepared for the elements is unwise, so dressing appropriately is well advised. Playing in the snow during a winter hike is actually an autoimmune booster and helps your resistance to allergies as well. The physical aspects of hiking gives your immune system a power surge that lasts for a full 24 hours.

Stimulation of the imagination during winter hikes is beneficial to our brains and Vitamin D from the sun is essential on many levels. Your child is still growing during winter months and prolonged inactivity is not conducive to their muscular development. A wildlife hike, making snow angels and building a snow fort along the trail will be fun for kids and adults on your day hike. Why not bring along some hot cocoa in a thermos in your hiking backpack.

Grab A Hiking Pack And Snowshoes; Prepare For Fun

There are so many reasons beyond the ones mentioned here for enjoying a winter hike with snowshoes. The physical and mental pluses are valid reasons so many people are enjoying winter hikes. Even the folks who have warmer climates in winter will travel to experience the adventure of snowshoe hiking. The folks at Nature Trail Backpacks understand the love of hiking by countless adults and children. Why not experience if for yourself real soon? Happy hiking!



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