Day Pack Hiking | Reduce Anxiety With Nature

Something as simple as day hiking can relieve the stress factors that you might be facing in your world. If you are feeling fatigued most of the time and daily stress never seems to let up, you may feel like it would take a miracle to get up and outdoors. Yet studies show that activity involving walking is the best thing for anxiety, stress or depression. You could start with an easy hike the next time you feel stress taking over your life. The minimal risk will yield a far greater reward once you experience the serenity that comes from outdoor backpacking.

Hiking Relieves Stress

A day pack and hitting the trail is something to consider. It can allow you to be in nature and fully disassociate from work problems, family issues, money woes and children. You gain more from focusing on the freedom to just be you within the beauty of nature.  Hiking relieves stress through its aerobic, cardiovascular exercise while raising endorphins without having to endure an afternoon at the gym among sweaty exercise gurus that intimidate the average person. You can walk at your own pace, stop to observe scenery or just chill out on a log while your only task is to breathe.. Hiking on a weekly or biweekly basis will help boost happiness and positive feelings. Stress will always be present in our daily lives, but never taking a break from it is what eventually catches up to your health in a negative way.

Daypack Hiking Is A Good Start

Taking your first daypack hike can be a leap into the unknown. You've been taking challenges since you were born, such as those first few baby steps. This is no different. There are more reasons to hike than not to hike. Getting away from digital technology is is the first step to peace when taking a hike. We are all enjoying the benefits of our cell phones and the communication it allows, but you can't focus on you and your mission if you don't disconnect for awhile. Bring the phone to use in case of emergencies or as a gps tool, or to snap some incredible landscapes...otherwise make a choice to turn it off!

Keep Your Hiking Goals Simple

A 20-minute day hike can improve the way your brain processes information. Initially, take a few hours for yourself within nature to unwind and regroup. Day hikes are popular because you don't need to haul a lot of gear. A small hiking daypack will hold the essentials you need, such as food, snacks and water. You don't have to climb Mt. Everest or trek on for 10 miles. It's not about how far you go, it's about the quality of your time spent getting there. Hiking doesn't have to mean climbing, there are flat trails everywhere. The hike will simultaneously strengthen your muscles, help lower your blood pressure and reduce your chances of suffering from heart disease, stroke, or diabetes. You don't have to hike  very long to start enjoying improved brain and physical well-being.

Gain Wisdom and Strength With Every Hike

I won't sugar coat info for beginner backpack hikers. You may experience things such as blisters, sunburn or fatigue. However, these things are totally preventable and you will learn prevention over time with more hiking excursions. There are numerous articles at for all hikers. Know your limitations and choose a local trail on Google near your home town that is not too strenuous. This will help build resilience and boost your self-confidence in profound ways. Any challenge you face and overcome will help mentally and physically, but doing so within Mother Nature often provides the most profound results.

Hiking Solo Or With Friends?

A hiking challenge is a personal journey. Yes there are seasoned hikers out there who have a ton of experience, but you are only competing against yourself and your goals, no one else. Knowing this means that you can find enjoyment and fulfillment with no pressure to perform to certain expectations. You set your own bar each time you set out on the trail. There are benefits to the tranquility of a solo hike, but having a friend or two along makes it more social. You are in charge as to whether you want the experience alone or shared with others, how far you go, and even what you pack in your hiking bag. There is empowerment in that fact.  Take those first grown-up baby steps out on the hiking trail.

Plug Into Nature's Power

Day Pack hiking when you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed can be the difference between feeling helpless or reveling in your strength. There is much to be said about the power of the flow of a creek or relaxing in the sun at the top of a summit. If you draw from the elements available to you in Nature, I guarantee you will be recharged and breathing easier. The antidote to anxiety can be a "rinse and repeat" prescription. The serenity from a successful hike is calming and inspirational. I hope you'll tap into the power of nature. Happy hiking!

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