Have You Ever Traveled The High Sierra Trail?

What’s Greatest About Hiking The High Sierra?

Hiking backpack enthusiasts from all over the world clamor to witness the glory of The High Sierra Trail. It was a historically significant national project under construction between 1928 and 1933 as an expansion of Sequoia National Park in eastern California.  Views along the High Sierra Trail are breathtaking with every gorgeous vision nature could provide. Travelling there will be awe inspiring and memorable with every single sight you see.

Backpacking Trail Ascents

This hiking trail has two great ascents.  The first one is over Kaweah Gap and the Great Western Divide. The second is over the Eastern Sierra and Trail Crest at Mr. Whitney.  From the grandeur of Hamilton Lakes Basin and Precipice Lake, to the incredible Big Arroyo and Kern River Valley, there is much beauty to take in. Then, you have the big finish where the High Sierra Trail, John Muir and Pacific Crest Trails all connect. The splendor of this area is unimaginable. Believe me, this is a place of heaven on earth that you will not regret visiting.

The Incredible Geography Seen On Hiking Trails

Hikers will marvel at this geographical area that offers so much eye candy.  Nature lovers will feel as if they have entered a vast confectionery paradise. In reality, it’s a 72 mile trans-Sierra hike exiting at Mt. Whitney. When you hike past Precipice Lake you will be stunned by its crystal clear waters. Wildflower gardens provide a splash of color against predominant rock shades of grays and browns. Of course, the backdrop on most days is the brilliant blue sky.

Opportunities Using A Camping Backpack

Backpack trekking throughout this trail provides ample places for use of a hiking and camping backpack overnight.  Scenic views of Guitar Lake and the High Alpine Meadow make you want to spend more than just the night there. Only in picture books have you seen such stunning redwood trees, gushing waterfalls, high snow-covered peaks, (many months of the year) and superb sunrises.  Mountain hiking campsites are situated at key points along the trail with most of them having bear boxes to protect backpacker’s food.  Did that thought just scare you a bit?  Come on now, not an adventure seeker like you!

Witness The Views Throughout The Sierras

Take off your backpacking backpack, and lie back on massive sun-kissed rock slabs of granite sparkled with rose quartz.  Imagine an expedition like this. Above your head is a real-life portrait of infinite towering green pines and popcorn clouds buttered with sunshine.  What you are visualizing in the grandeur of your views on the Sierra Trail would cost hundreds of dollars in a swanky hotel each night of your trip.  Here, Mother Nature provides it all for the cost of your time and energy hiking and climbing to witness every magnificent second.  Grab a trekking backpack and head to California to witness the beauty there!  Whether you take a week's vacation or a long weekend, give yourself the gift of beauty in the wild, all within the High Sierras!

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