Outdoor Backpack | 6 Mind-Blowing Hikes In Arizona To Plan This Winter

Your outdoor backpack should not be put in the closet this winter if you live in snow country.  There is great hiking weather in many parts of the country where the crowds are actually less and backpacking comfort is much better.  Arizona is an awesome place to plan a nice trip and take advantage of incredible hiking venues.  Here are six places that you may want to consider for the ultimate hiking experience this winter.

There’s No Grander Hiking Then Grand Canyon National Park

Having just celebrated its 100th anniversary this year, The Grand Canyon National Park in NW Arizona covers more than 1.2 million acres.  Hikers can have the time of their lives and still not see it all.  Of course the Grand Canyon, which is a gorge of the Colorado River, is visited by millions each year.  You can experience everything from weeks of thru-hiking to day hikes and glamping.  This area is a Mecca of opportunities to every level hiker, camper and outdoor enthusiast.

Trails such as the South Kaibab Trail and Bright Angel Trail are perfect examples within the Grand Canyon to explore.  The Kaibab is steep and strenuous with a direct route to the bottom of the Grand Canyon but is doable for experienced hikers.  This area offers shuttles and numerous parking spots at trailheads to accommodate visitors.  More detailed information and to map out your trip can be found here: https://jameskaiser.com/grand-canyon-guide/best-things-to-do/best-hikes/south-kaibab-trail/

The Bright Angel Trail is the most popular trail on the South Rim.  You can stay at hotels with awesome views of the inner Canyon and plan your hike from there.  Although it’s steep and challenging, the trail has access to drinking water where other trails do not.  You can camp halfway down at the Indian Garden Campground overnight and continue on the next morning if desired.

Check out a video of The Bright Angel Trail here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Pk-V_415Qk

Perfect Places That Backpackers Love To Hike

An outdoor backpack comes in very handy when you visit Sedona, Arizona. Here you’ll find beautifully breathtaking sandstone red rock formations that you can hike to your heart’s content. Some of the more popular places in Sedona are Oak Creek Canyon, Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock.  Slide Rock State Park is perfect for campers, hikers and vacationers who love the outdoors.  When you aren’t hiking, you can enjoy this area which offers numerous New Age shops, spas and art galleries

If you want more ideas in the Sedona area for travel hikes, go HERE:   https://www.themandagies.com/best-hikes-in-sedona-arizona/

Hiking Phoenix Arizona Your Way

Hikers need to explore Camelback Mountain, which got its name from the hump formation and head of a kneeling camel.  Many folks visiting Phoenix don’t plan on hiking Camelback, yet they end up rising to the challenge and loving it.  The extraordinary 360 degree views at the camel’s hump makes even non-hikers very glad they had this experience. This area will exceed your expectations.

For the best tips you’ll benefit from before you hike Camelback, check this out:


Day Backpack Hikes Are Awesome In Coconino County, Arizona

Grab an outdoor backpack and head to Horseshoe Bend located near Page, Arizona.  Located downstream from the Glen Canyon Dam, a hiker can observe numerous minerals in the Bends’ rock, such as hematite, platinum and garnet. This gorgeous natural vista is a horse shoe shape meander of the Colorado River with a jaw-dropping view from the steep 4,200 feet above sea level cliff.

This area has plenty of hotels for a comfortable night sleep after a day of hiking and discovery.  Directions and amenities of this area are available HERE: www.horseshoebend.com

What Hiker Doesn’t Love An Amazing Slot Canyon?

Antelope Canyon, which is part of the Navajo Nation, includes two separate slot canyons referred to as the upper and lower Antelope.  Formed by the erosion of Navajo sandstone is famous for the angles and light shafts amidst the canyons.   Hikers of easy and difficult ability can choose from the upper flat 100 yard walk after a 2 mile safari ride from the Navajo Tribal Park Gate to the canyon’s entrance.

Have your questions all answered about hiking and travel to this area HERE: http://www.arizonahikersguide.com/ultimatearizonahikersguide/ultimate-guide-antelope-canyon

Hiking Is Always Better When You See Water Views

Outdoor backpack trips to the Tucson, Arizona region offers excellent hiking adventures including spectacular waterfalls.  The Seven Falls hiking trail winds gently up Bear Canyon as you follow a stream.  You’ll cross this stream several times on your journey past saguaro tree-like cactus, along with barrel and buckhorn cholla cactus.  The elevation gain is 720-900 feet.

In Prescott, Arizona there is exquisite Watson Lake.  Hiking the Watson Lake Loop Trail, a 4.7 mile jaunt, affords backpackers astounding deep blue views from superior lookout points.  You can also hike the shoreline through the massive rock landscape.

If you prefer forest hikes, backpack treks through granite boulders or mountain excursions, you can check out places to stay HERE:  https://www.planetware.com/arizona/top-rated-hiking-trails-in-prescott-us-az-190.htm#US-AZ-149

Every Trek Begins First With An Idea

Hopefully I have given you some hiking “food for thought.”  There is nothing like escaping depressing frozen winters to enjoy warm sunny climates without spending a fortune.  Your hiking bag can serve as your travel bag and then used for hiking explorations once you arrive at your destination.  Naturetrailbackpacks offers quality backpacks for outdoor use that stand up to the challenge of your journey, big or small.  If you have hiked another area in Arizona, please leave a comment below to help others enjoy where you have traveled.  Here’s hoping everyone a happy hiking experience.

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