Tablets vs Trails - Introduce Your Kids To Backpack Hiking

Chances are your child has a backpack for school and realizes its importance for carrying lunch and books etc. When grown-ups don an outdoor backpack, something familiar and mysterious enters a child's thoughts. Where are my parents going wearing a hiking day backpack and can we come too? You can be the unspoken motivation that encourages your kids to exercise, learn and have a great time in the process. Here's how that happens.

Backpack hiking provides a whole new world beyond the latest video games, but kids need guidance to discover it. When you introduce a child to the great outdoors you open their minds, which are already like little sponges, to the wonder and science of Mother Nature. This is truly a gift you will give them! Statistics show that today's children spend a great deal of their free time playing video games alone and watching television. While that may be loads of fun for them, unless they have equally as much fun outdoors, they have nothing to compare it to. Why not show them how adults love hiking outdoors.

There are amazing benefits to hiking together as a family. The obvious part is the time spent with your kids. As a parent you will also benefit from observing them laugh, run, breathe fresh air and enjoy something that is good for them. They'll be keeping their bodies in motion and have loads of fun without realizing its exercise. Let's not forget the memories you make along the hiking trail. What fond memories do you have of time spent outside with your parents? If you have many, you get it.  If you have none, you'll understand how this could matter.

Kids get excited when their parents are passionate about something. Call it a hike or a mission with the promise of a great time. They'll be all in, I promise! Let them help you pack the hiking backpacks. Grab some healthy snacks and something for a picnic lunch on the trail or in the woods beside a creek bed. It's great to bring binoculars if you have them and a magnifying glass to check out plants and bugs up close. Kids young and old gravitate towards the science of things...the why and the how. Take advantage of all things natural around you to seize a teaching moment or two. As a child, they will benefit from learning.  The main thing is be happy and free in the great big outdoors. They will learn organizational skills as they help you prepare the items you pack in your hiking bag and why you are bringing them.

The idea behind family hiking is time outdoors. You can go in shorts and a tank top all summer, in jeans and a sweatshirt enjoying the crisp autumn air or bundled in January to witness beautiful snow capped mountains. Fresh air is good for kids and adults any time of the year. Great exercise is beneficial to your body, young or older whenever you are in motion. It's a power anti-depressant and very favorable for your lungs.

The biggest reasons people who attempt to experience backpack hiking for the first few times is soreness, blisters and fatigue.  Comfort is key whenever you go hiking.  If you don't properly prepare and learn the conditions to avoid, you will undoubtedly give up a great hobby. Wear the right clothes for the weather, but prepared for any shifts in conditions, such as a pop-up rain storm. Be sure to nourish and hydrate your body along the way.  When hiking with children, keep their attention peaked by stopping to observe sights, sounds and colors of nature. Set a goal to hike from point A to point B and then relax when you get there before heading back down the trail. Break up the trip with a meal or snack while admiring the picturesque scenery and commenting out loud. Before long, the kids will point their observations out to you. Make a game of who can spot the most interesting cloud formation or find the prettiest leaves. Make snow angels on a hillside, or pick wildflowers in a meadow.

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