Trendy Backpacks – The New Age Of Hiking Backpacks

Trendy backpacks are nothing like the hiking bag of 10 years ago.   Hikers used to deal with plenty of odd shapes, heavy weight and less than ideal features in hiking pack choices. What exactly has replaced the backpacks that now seem to be time dated?  Here are what manufacturers are including in today’s hiking backpacks that will excite you and want an updated one for yourself.

What About The Size And Shape Of Hiking Bags?

Many thru-hikers tend to carry huge framed backpacks because they are usually hiking for weeks at a time. Carrying belongings or gear on our backs has been done for generations.  It’s pretty interesting to know how things have changed in regards to how we carry our stuff around.  What used to be purely basic essentials is now that, plus tech devices, chargers, weapons and ammunition  Designers have streamlined the look of backpacks, made them lighter to carry and better fitting to the shape of our bodies. Section hikers and thru hikers gravitate towards an average capacity of between 50-60 liters.

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Which Type Of Hiking Backpack Is Most Popular Today?

Trendy backpacks today tend to lead toward internal frame backpacks. A small group preferred frameless or freestyle rucksacks.  Day backpacks for day or overnight hikes are more popular because so many non-hikers are using them as EDC (every day carry) for their belongings and essentials to and from work.  Many backpackers who don’t necessarily hike like the feature of discreet concealed carry weapon packs, especially those living in large cities.  Civilians are more concerned than ever before these days because of high crime rates, so they carry backpacks when not hiking with secure features.

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Hikers Love These Design Attributes Of Current Styles

The hands-free design of backpacks is one of the most popular features of a backpack.  It allows you to use your smart phone easily on the move, while multiple pockets keep everything organized and readily accessible. No longer only used for hiking, an outdoor backpack has become the preferred carry-all bag for storing and carrying your belongings and daily essentials. More versatile and functional styles are emerging in packs that serve different purposes that adjust to your lifestyle.  The very same backpack that you could hike a mountain with, can now readily carry your laptop, gym clothes or beach towels.  Newest styles combine the outdoor performance quality with urban stylish looks.  Daypacks are now designed with secure entry points and a padded laptop pocket.  Think of hiking and tech use combined in one backpack.  Cool, huh?

Bigger Is Not Always Backpack Better

Backpacks for day trips are emerging in 12-18 liter capacity as an all-purpose pack for daily use.  These backpacks will allow you to comfortably carry your daily stuff with a pack that perfectly fits your body to eliminate back and shoulder strain.  Most recently, styles are leaning towards a sleek exterior with less loose straps.  But you shouldn’t think that a simpler design on the outside means a basic backpack.  Internal features are being amped up with perks like water-resistant main zippers, mesh pockets for headphones, cord management solutions and a foldable laptop compartment since we live in a tech world now.

Lightweight Backpacking Is The Best Its Ever Been

Trendy backpacks include modernized fabrics and materials that keep your backpack lightweight and easier to carry when loaded.  Waterproof fabrics like 1000D Cordura Nylon and cotton blend with DWR coating and 420D Hypalex rubberized material.  The results are a superior durable and waterproof backpack fabric similar to what’s used on floatable boats.  Added bonus points give you a material that is very high puncture and abrasion resistance, for both hiking and every day use.  This all adds up to rugged materials that are also lightweight, which will reduce strain on your body, particularly on your back, shoulders and neck.

Trendy Or Oldie-But-Goody Trekker Packs?

Whether you opt for the newer duffel bag style backpack or the traditional hiking bag rucksack, it’s clear that backpacks are useful in all stages of life for many more consumers than hikers only.  It’s not the newer styles that are trending simply because they’re cool.  It’s the multiple uses of the humble backpack which have folks using them for tons of different situations.  Naturetrailbackpacks appreciates comments regarding new innovative ideas for using your hiking backpack.  Whether you’re hiking or out and about around town, it’s time to discover the convenience of a hiking backpack!

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