Worst Natural Disasters That Hit The U.S. This Past Decade – Reason Enough To Own A Go-Bag

Understanding A Natural Disaster

Hurricanes, floods, wild fires and tornadoes you see on news castings or read about online shows the devastation they caused. What you see second hand doesn’t begin to depict the incredible sense of lives and property lost during events like these. Imagine yourself with no food, power or drinkable water for days. Your home is a pile of rubble. If you had to encounter a natural disaster, you would want you and your family to be prepared. Don’t hesitate to take steps today!

Be Prepared With A Bug Out Bag

The best time to prepare for a catastrophic situation is now, not when the news tells you it’s imminent. Clear thinking and calmness is your best resource, which would most likely prevail before, not during an emergency. We plan ahead and prepare for many situations in our lives, but not usually for the worst possible occurrences. Disaster preparedness should be at the top of the list.

What Is A Go Bag?

You may have never heard of a bug out bag, sometimes called a bug out backpack or go bag.  If you had to leave your home immediately, you would need more than just a cardboard box or plastic bag to carry your vital necessities for survival. Owning a hiking backpack gets you off to a good start. You can turn any daypack into an emergency bug bag. Make sure it’s in good shape with no holes or worn material.

Understanding Why Preparing A Go Bag Is So Important

The situation could render you on foot to safety, rather than jumping into your car and heading somewhere else. You may be headed to a shelter where others will be in the same frenzied situation.  Be aware that frenzied people act differently when it comes to survival. They will rob, cheat and injure you to get your provisions.  If you carry your belongings in a plastic shopping bag, you’re making it easier for others to grab it from you.

Prioritizing What You Should Pack In Your Bug Out Backpack

Carrying survival gear in the form of a sling bag backpack or any type of water-resistant backpack bags that can carry food, water clothing, and tactical devices will work. Most important is fresh drinking water, or purification tablets from your hiking bag to insure you can have life-sustaining water available wherever you are during flooding, or even in the wild if that’s where your shelter ends up being for a few days. 

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