Bug Out Bag

Bug Out Bag | Go Bag; Anarchy By Smith and Wesson

This bug out bag, by Smith and Wesson, is a well-designed hiking pack/go bag. It's been designed with quality and durability in mind. If you prefer a sling bag, this one is built to hold up under extreme use in harsh conditions. This bag is made of durable ballistic fabric and heavy duty hardware. Over-sized zippers, hook & loop closures and thick nylon strapping are high quality features you want in an outdoor pack.

This bug out bag will adapt instantly for your needs. Yes, it's an awesome bug bag, but it can also be used for any situation you have during hiking or camping or hunting.
Internal dimensions at 15” W x 4” H x 8” D and external dimensions are 16” W x 7.5” H x 8.5” D. There is a zippered concealed carry pistol pocket at the top for your CCW.

The bug out bag has 10 compartments, including 3 hook & loop flap pockets for canned food or water bottles. It will hold up to 6 msr magazines. Banana magazines will fit, but are not recommended. There are 2 rows of MOLLE on the bottom with more on the front and inside.

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