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Jeanine and Sal Falco are founders of Nature Trail Backpacks, a hiking backpack store. They both grew up in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, and they are four season outdoor worshipers.  Their passion about great outdoor memories that they have experienced have inspired them to form their own online company for nature lovers who crave the thrills of hiking and camping with a backpack.




Outdoor adventures are available to anyone simply by exploring nature in its purest essence. As children, Jeanine and Sal both enjoyed family bonding time while camping, cooking on an open fire, backpack hiking through forests, boating and sleeping under the stars. Jeanine fondly recalls many summers spent trekking through wooded paths, footbridges over creeks, picking berries, canoeing and many meals cooked outdoors with multiple family members all gathered. They want others to feel the exhilaration of hiking and excursions, adrenaline-pumping nature experiences and making their own memories along the way.


They want their customers to understand that exercise does not have to be tedious reps in a boring gym. Outdoor lovers don’t find excuses to get up and head out to the unknown, because they know there is always excitement waiting for them. Jeanine and Sal hope to inspire all hikers and campers, experienced or new, to get outdoors with quality hiking backpacks to carry their essentials during their trips through mountains, forests or trails. Their goal is to provide quality merchandise at reasonable prices with a strong focus on customer service.

Online Shopping

Nature Trail Backpacks is a company committed to offering a secure online shopping experience provided by hard-working, trustworthy and respected outdoor recreation enthusiasts. Being avid online shoppers, they recognize that not all shopping experiences are pleasant. They never want their customers to have that uneasy feeling of hesitation that may exist with certain websites who may not seem reputable. More people than ever now utilize online buying as an easier and more relaxed means of solving shopping needs. We are everyday people trying to make your shopping experience comfortable and secure. Jeanine and Sal want you to “Journey On” with confidence, which is why we are dedicated to being an honest, knowledgeable and helpful venue for online purchases of hiking packs and bags. We love introducing our best friend, “Mother Nature” to other avid outdoor enthusiasts.

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